It took a lot of planning, organizing and scouting the perfect location, but after our 15 minute hike under the Woodrow Wilson bridge, through a gated fence and down a dark pathway, we arrived on the waterfront in perfect view of where the Full Moon was scheduled to rise in the darkened night sky.  We had spent the earlier part of the day around the Tidal Basin enjoying the sunny afternoon and now we were ready for the final shot of the session.

Awhile back, Kevin + Alisa had come to me with an idea.  A grand idea.  A few years ago, Kevin had started a project where he began photographing the full moon in various landscapes and scenes.  He wanted to do it again, but this time, he wanted him and Alisa in the photo.

When the moon finally broke the horizon line just over the far off lights of National Harbor, the shutter clicked.  It was amazing.




2 Responses to “Alisa + Kevin: Love Session Washington DC”

  1. Adam Roberts says:

    Amazing photos, to represent an amazing couple!

  2. Megan Taylor says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

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