It’s a beautiful summer evening and we’re at the Hotel Monaco in Alexandria.  Little paper airplanes adorn the escort cards while fun and playful postcards for places traveled and ones they hope to travel to are scattered amongst the tables.  A suitcase filled with warm wishes from their guests is packed and ready for Allison + Matt to take with them.  Matt’s brother, Patrick, is giving his speech, explaining how Allison + Matt balance one another out.  It’s perfect really.

You see, when I first met Allison + Matt last fall in New York City for our engagement session, they appeared as total opposites.  Matt was quiet and soft-spoken.  Allison was, well, loud and outgoing.  But the thing that struck me immediately about this couple was the fact that Matt could just look at Allison, and she would get the hugest, absolutely most beautiful smile on her face before falling into a fit of laughter.  At first I thought perhaps it was simply Allison’s personality, and I’m sure in some ways, it is.  But after listening to Patrick’s speech that evening, I think I understood a bit more…it’s Matt that brings out that part of Allison’s personality so beautifully and perfectly.  And I have no doubt in my mind that this couple will spend their years finding a way to laugh at any situation life throws them.

Congrats you two!



Ceremony: Washington Street United Methodist Church     |     Reception: Hotel Monaco Alexandria     |     Florist: Ultimate Floral Designs     |     Music: The Remixologists     |     Cake: Cakebee

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