LeeAnn is a crier.  It’s incredibly endearing and when her and Matt see each other for the first time that day on the staircase at the Fairmont, Matt gentle wipes the tears from her eyes before she embraces him.  Now, as LeeAnn walks down the aisle to a solo guitar song, played by the singer/songwriter who her and Matt went to listen to on their very first date down in Austin, Texas a few years ago, the tears once again begin to well up.  As her and Matt stand underneath the elaborate chandelier and exchange their vows and promises to one another, Matt reaches into his pocket to pull a tissue for LeeAnn and gentle pats her eyes dry for a second time that day.  A laugh escapes from LeeAnn from this small, sweet gesture.  It’s the little things that mean the most.


Ceremony + Reception:  The Fairmont Hotel   |   Florist: Yellow Door    |  Music:  Chris Laich Music Services   |  Hair + Makeup: Bridal Artistry


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