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Rachel and Rob met through a mutual friend.  Almost a year later to the day, Rob proposed to Rachel in the quiet and intimate setting of the home they share together in New York City.  I got to know the couple this past summer on a trip up to New York where we spent a whirlwind of an afternoon bouncing around their hometown neighborhood together.  I got to meet their adorable mini Schnauzer, Whinnie, who sadly couldn’t make it to the wedding and had to stay home.  Rachel says one of the things she loves the most about Rob is that he’s the kindest person she’s ever met…I think him “adopting” Whinnie and taking care of her, even though she was Rachel’s dog first and even though Rob claims he’s not a dog person, is just one example of why Rachel fell in love with Rob.

The couple got married this past fall on a windy fall day in downtown DC at the gorgeous Mandarin Oriental.  Rachel and Rob were rockstars and braved the chilly wind and crowds at the Jefferson Memorial as the sun went down just before they signed their Ketubah and were married under a Huppah constructed from material of the wedding dresses of all of the special women in Rachel’s life.  It was, hands down, the most beautiful Huppah I’ve ever seen and something I know Rachel will cherish forever.  Congrats you two!!

Ceremony & Reception: Mandarin Oriental Washington DC  |  Event Coordination: Artistic Events   |  Florals:   |   Music: Nightsong from Entertainment Exchange |

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Laura and Chris live in Chicago and hired me over the phone on a recommendation from a friend.  They seemed super friendly and enthusiastic so I was definitely looking forward to working with them.  When we finally got to meet in person for their engagement session, it was love at first sight.  We had so much in common, from our love of craft beer, our awkward sense of humor, our ties to the Midwest (go Packers!), an enjoyment of outdoor sports/activities and a genuine love for traveling and adventure.   We clicked right off the bat.  My only complaint is that they live waaaaaaay too far away!

Their wedding fell on one of those perfect fall days in Virginia that reminds you just how insanely beautiful this state is – it’s one of the reasons Laura and Chris picked White Post for their wedding and I was so glad they got to enjoy such a beautiful day.  The ceremony was held in the exact same church Laura’s parents were married in over 35 years ago with the reception just a short jaunt down the road at the Shenandoah Valley Golf Club.

Every wedding holds special memories for me, yet there are always those few weddings that just really stick out.  For me, Laura and Chris’s wedding was definitely one of these (and not just because they served my favorite Wisconsin beer, Spotted Cow, at the reception’s craft beer tasting table, although that helped). It’s not even something I can describe, other than to say that I felt love all around all day long.  Laura and Chris are definitely the type of people who notice and appreciate the little things.  When Chris described what he loved the most about Laura to me before their engagement session, he said he loves “how she chews air when she’s asleep….she is my beam of light.”  Laura said that she loves that “he cracks the cheesiest, worst jokes you’ve ever heard…he only has about 3 that he uses on rotation…”  I love that these two appreciate those tiny things about one another and I think it is the little things that get you by on a daily basis and take you through year after year after year.

Laura and Chris, it meant so much to be a part of your special day and I can’t WAIT to see you soon and enjoy a delicious craft beer together – it is long overdue.


Ceremony: Meade Memorial Episcopal Church  |  Reception and Catering: Shenandoah Valley Golf Club  |   Event Coordination: Elegant Events   |   Florals: Sponseller’s Flower Shop   |   Ceremony Music: Leesburg String Ensemble   |   DJ: DJ Connection   |   Cake: Cakes by Diane   |   Hair: Elegant Hair   |   Make-up: Glow Skincare and Makeup   |   Dress: Stella York



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Where to even start with this family?!?  I’m not sure it’s even possible to describe how much I adore this family and how amazingly special they are…

Like so many of our portrait clients, Jeff and Kristin were once wedding clients, and while I really got to know them during the engagement and wedding planning, it was after the wedding that a deeper friendship began to grow.  Kristin reached out to me when she decided to take a huge leap and left her full-time 9-5 job to go into business with her sister.  From start-up business woman, to new mom, to mommy of two, she takes everything in stride with a giant smile, excited attitude and the willingness to learn and grow.  It helps that she has a pretty fantastic man by her side as her partner in crime, and the wonderful adventures these two have seen and done since getting married in 2010 makes me so incredibly happy for them.

I met Benjamin when he was just a few weeks old at his newborn session and then a few years later was introduced to Jillian when I photographed her newborn portraits on my birthday…it was such a special birthday treat!  And now to see these two wonderful babies growing up and the personalities they are developing is such a joy.  I see so much of both Kristin and Jeff in them.  Benjamin is a little mini Jeff…very thoughtful and kind.  Jillian reminds me so much of Kristin with her giant smile and adventurous attitude.  I can’t wait to see what the years have in store for this beautiful family!

Love you Family R!!! xoxo


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Absolutely, hands down, one of the best parts of being a wedding and portrait photographer is watching families grow. It’s exciting to see couples, many whom I become friends with over the course of wedding planning, say their “I do’s” to one another – I’ve always said what a privilege it is to be a part of such an intimate moment in a person’s lives – what’s even more exciting to me is seeing these two individuals transition into parents. There’s nothing like seeing two people devoting so much energy and love and attention towards one tiny human being. It’s amazing.

Sarah and Tony have held a special place for me ever since I met and starting working with them back in 2011.  They were married at one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever had the opportunity to photograph at and their wedding day was truly like a fairytale. I continued to get to see them as I ended up working with a handful of their friends as well and as the years went by, we stayed in touch. I couldn’t have been more thrilled when I found out that they were expecting.  Ethan arrived this summer and I must admit that I had been dying to meet him!  I kept seeing all these adorable photos of him from Sarah on Facebook and man!  That kid has the most beautiful head of hair I’ve ever seen on a baby!

Sunday I finally got my chance to meet little Ethan.  He reminds me so much of this parents with his thick, dark hair and his wide, beautiful eyes. He was a bit shy and quiet at first, but by the end of the session, we were besties and he was smiley and cuddly.  Congrats Sarah and Tony!  I’m so happy for you both and excited to see what this next chapter in your lives brings!


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Washington DC Family Portrait-1
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Washington DC Fall Family Portrait-2
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