Meadowlark Great Falls Engagement Session-1


Erin + Chris met the old fashioned way – they met in a bar.  Lyon Hall to be exact.  When a total stranger approaches you and opens with “I’m curious what you ladies think of my Turkish friend’s beard?” sparks might not immediately fly, but it was in this simple question that Erin + Chris began a conversation that evening, that ended with Chris getting Erin’s phone number.  He called 2 days later.

I love how Erin’s big and bold personality pairs so perfectly with Chris’s (slightly) quieter demeanor.  A couple full of life and ready for adventure at any turn, Erin + Chris are magnetic and you can’t help but feel drawn to wanting to be around them.  We spent a beautiful summer’s eve together at Meadowlark Gardens for their engagement session before heading over to Great Falls for one last shot of the evening. I can’t wait for this fun-loving couple’s wedding this fall!


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Loudoun County Maternity Photography-1

I got to spend a lovely afternoon with this momma-to-be about a month before the arrival of her son.  We photographed at her home, which has amazing natural light.  I also love that we were able to get a few photos in the nursery that they built from scratch, with love, for their unborn son…like they literally constructed 3 walls where they weren’t before and voila!  A beautiful, delicate nursery fit for a king.

Hint: Their beautiful baby boy was born recently and if you make sure to check back tomorrow, you can see all of his adorableness for yourself and see what they named him!


Loudoun County Maternity Photography-5

Loudoun County Maternity Photography-3

Loudoun County Maternity Photography-6

Loudoun County Newborn Photographer-1-3Loudoun County Maternity Photography-9



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Washington DC Engagment Georgetown-1

Allison and Josh met in high school.  When college separated them, Josh wrote Allison a letter every single week of her entire freshmen year.  4 years later, Josh would propose to Allison in her 3rd grade classroom by sitting in one her student seats, raising his hand and asking “Miss Clark, I have a question….”

The dedication these two have to one another is quite clear.  Much of their relationship has been spent apart, whether it be for schooling or jobs, yet their have create a solid, life-long bond that is very clear to someone who meets them for the first time. I can’t wait to celebrate their wedding with them come this fall!!!


Washington DC Engagment Georgetown-2Washington DC Engagment Georgetown-3Washington DC Engagment Georgetown-5Washington DC Engagment Georgetown-6Washington DC Engagment Georgetown-7Washington DC Engagment Georgetown-8


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Baltimore Maryland Wedding-1

It was pouring down rain the first time I met Giselle and Jake.  The two of them were in town and we had scheduled their engagement session for what was supposed to be a beautiful morning sunrise session in Old Town Alexandria.  Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans for us. We couldn’t reschedule because Giselle and Jake live in Missouri and weren’t scheduled to be back in the DC area for quite some time, so we sat.  And we waited. And miraculously, mother nature gave us a window of opportunity.  It was the middle of summer, extremely hot and humid and like 6am. The ground was soaking wet. And these two couldn’t stop smiling…

I tell this story because I think it says a lot about Giselle and Jake. It would have been so easy for them to have been grumpy, or upset or miserable about being out in the wet weather, but instead, they rolled with the punches, made the best out of the situation and found a way to make things work and with an incredibly amazing attitude (seeing as how they are both doctors, this probably shouldn’t come as a surprise). Their wedding day was no different and while luckily, mother nature smiled upon us and gave us what was probably the most perfect spring day ever, Giselle and Jake were pretty much up for anything and didn’t let any of the little stresses of the day rattle them in even in the slightest way. Their priorities and mindset was focused on the most important thing – marrying one another.

These two have such a quiet passion about them.  They aren’t showy or flashy. They don’t need to be the center of attention. They are thoughtful and amazing listeners and they are incredibly kind-hearted. At the same time, there is a fire inside them and it really shows in how fiercely they work towards everything in their lives, from both becoming doctors to navigating a long distance relationship, to being loyal and true friends to everyone around them to loving each other whole heartily and selflessly.  They really are an inspiring couple.

Thank you for having me as a part of your wedding Giselle and Jake and for putting your trust in me completely!  You were both such an absolute joy to work with!!!


Ceremony: Towson Presbyterian  |   Reception and Catering: Mansion at Valley Country Club  |   Event Planning and Design: Historic Events  |  Florals: Mint Julep Studio  |  DJ: Event Pro DJ  |  Hair/Make-up:  Beyond Brides  |  Cake: The Great American Cake Show  |  Video: In Motion Video  |  Dress Designer: Casablanca  



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Baltimore Maryland Wedding-3Baltimore Maryland Wedding-5Baltimore Maryland Wedding-6Baltimore Maryland Wedding-7Baltimore Maryland Wedding-8Baltimore Maryland Wedding-9Baltimore Maryland Wedding-10Baltimore Maryland Wedding-11Baltimore Maryland Wedding-12Baltimore Maryland Wedding-13Baltimore Maryland Wedding-14Baltimore Maryland Wedding-16Baltimore Maryland Wedding-18Baltimore Maryland Wedding-19Baltimore Maryland Wedding-20Baltimore Maryland Wedding-22Baltimore Maryland Wedding-23Baltimore Maryland Wedding-24Baltimore Maryland Wedding-25Baltimore Maryland Wedding-26Baltimore Maryland Wedding-27Baltimore Maryland Wedding-30Baltimore Maryland Wedding-31Baltimore Maryland Wedding-32Baltimore Maryland Wedding-33Baltimore Maryland Wedding-34Baltimore Maryland Wedding-35Baltimore Maryland Wedding-36Baltimore Maryland Wedding-37Baltimore Maryland Wedding-38Baltimore Maryland Wedding-39Baltimore Maryland Wedding-40Baltimore Maryland Wedding-41Baltimore Maryland Wedding-42Baltimore Maryland Wedding-43