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Mackenzie + Mike, self-described as “specactularly ordinary,” are just about the cutest couple you’ll ever met!  Anything from ordinary (in my personal opinion!), this adorable couple met through their church when Mackenzie laid eyes on this handsome guy. After a couple of months, anxious that nothing was happening, she took matters into her own hands and had a mutual friend plant the seed to Mike that he should ask Mackenzie out.  Mike got the hint, asked her out and the two have been together since, navigating a long distance relationship for awhile and patiently waiting for the right moment to seal the deal.

I have actually had the privilege of knowing Mackenzie for a few years now as I met her and her entire family when I photographed her sister’s wedding at the family’s home in Fairfax.  Getting to work with an entire family for a second wedding is one of the coolest things I’ve come across in my profession, especially when the family is as sweet and kind as Mackenzie’s family, and I cannot wait for Mackenzie + Mike’s DC wedding at the Newseum this fall!!!



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Middleburg Salamander Resort Wedding-1

When you find something truly special, you hold on tight and never ever let go.  Jon said that he knew Meghan was special right away, so he held on, was persistent (he asked her out 6 times before she finally said yes!) and refused to let go of this amazing woman whom he later would end up marrying on a beautiful summer’s day in gorgeous Hunt Country.  The couple met in high school and spent many years in different cities, miles apart, until Jon finally popped the question on Valentine’s Day weekend down in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Over the next year, Jon wrote Meghan a letter every week, right up until the last one he wrote and gave her on their wedding day.

They were married at their families’s church in Herndon by Jon’s grandfather.  The rain luckily held off for their casual cocktail hour on the lawn at Salamander Resort, complete with cornhole and spritzers.  The inside room at Salamander was completely transformed and a romantic, candlelight dinner was held before the completely rock’n party afterwards…I don’t think there was a single person in their seat the whole night during the dancing!

As a photographer, I often am privileged to witness extremely intimate moments between two people that even their family doesn’t get to see.  On Meghan + Jon’s wedding day, they had just gotten married, were snuggled in the back seat of the limo together and rehashing their events of the morning and the ceremony…and they were yawning…like a lot!  It was pretty comical and we all had a big laugh about it.  I loved how real a moment it was, because let’s be honest – wedding days are beautiful and they are emotional, and well, they are also exhausting!  But that’s why you pick your best friend to have at your side to laugh through those real moments of life with you.  I think it was the perfect way to start their marriage.

I have honestly loved every minute getting to know these two, both individually and together, and I can’t think of a more caring, thoughtful and dedicated couple who deserves all the happiness in the world that I know they already have in one another.  I can see that family is everything to these two and I know without a doubt that these two are holding on extremely tight and never letting go of this new family they’ve created…

Ceremony: St. John Neumann  Reception, Catering and Cake: Salamander Resort // Event Planning: Carte Blanche Events // Florals: Yellow Door // Band: Nation with Elan Artists // Hair and Make-up: Shary Wimple // Decor and Rentals: Capital Party Rentals // Video: In Depth Photo and Video // Stationary: The Wright Image // Dress Boutique: Rizik’s // Dress Designer: Tara Keely // Bridesmaid dresses: BHDLN

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Meadowlark Great Falls Engagement Session-1


Erin + Chris met the old fashioned way – they met in a bar.  Lyon Hall to be exact.  When a total stranger approaches you and opens with “I’m curious what you ladies think of my Turkish friend’s beard?” sparks might not immediately fly, but it was in this simple question that Erin + Chris began a conversation that evening, that ended with Chris getting Erin’s phone number.  He called 2 days later.

I love how Erin’s big and bold personality pairs so perfectly with Chris’s (slightly) quieter demeanor.  A couple full of life and ready for adventure at any turn, Erin + Chris are magnetic and you can’t help but feel drawn to wanting to be around them.  We spent a beautiful summer’s eve together at Meadowlark Gardens for their engagement session before heading over to Great Falls for one last shot of the evening. I can’t wait for this fun-loving couple’s wedding this fall!


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Loudoun County Maternity Photography-1

I got to spend a lovely afternoon with this momma-to-be about a month before the arrival of her son.  We photographed at her home, which has amazing natural light.  I also love that we were able to get a few photos in the nursery that they built from scratch, with love, for their unborn son…like they literally constructed 3 walls where they weren’t before and voila!  A beautiful, delicate nursery fit for a king.

Hint: Their beautiful baby boy was born recently and if you make sure to check back tomorrow, you can see all of his adorableness for yourself and see what they named him!


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