Growing up in the midwest as the daughter of a photographer, my childhood was documented through professional portraits and family candids. I still remember lying on the living room floor, flipping through old family photo albums on late Sunday afternoons. 

Within each photograph, I felt transported to what seemed like a simpler, easier time. It was there, on that 80’s shag carpeting, that I fell in love with the printed image and the stories it told. 

Today, I couldn’t tell you the last 20 photos I took on my phone, yet I still know the exact location of my favorite images in those old family albums.


You could say I was born for this.

a legacy photographer

behind the camera

For over 13 years I’ve photographed families, babies, birthdays, and other milestones, big and small. Those years have taught me things a classroom never could — how to tell a story with visuals.

But I’m not just a photographer. I’m a mom too. I understand the mental load that comes with planning anything for your family, let alone something as important as a photoshoot. That’s why I’m focused on relieving as much stress as I can, allowing the process of capturing your family’s memories to be memorable on its own.


Not Every Path Is Straightforward

The journey to parenthood, while exciting, can also come with trauma. I understand this firsthand. 

My story is similar to many others, although often unspoken. It was challenging, filled with many bumps, blind curves, and roadblocks at every turn. It involved clinics, cycles, needles, and hormones. It gave me tears, heartache, and lost years spent grieving. It also unearthered perspective, undiscovered strength, unknown courage, a fierce conviction, and even forged connections in the darkest of places.

My experience of becoming a parent profoundly changed me and, ultimately, shaped the direction of my photographic career.

No matter your story, I am here to help you honor it in a true and beautiful way.

If you're grappling with whether or not to document this moment—a milepost in your journey you have wished and dreamed of—I have been in your shoes and walked that path. I understand the complexity of emotions associated with it, and I would love to talk to you.

kelly, mom of two

Michelle has an incredible talent at capturing stunning family photos that we hold near and dear to our hearts. I had the privilege of working with her to capture images after the birth of my two children, as well as connect with her on a deeper level after sharing stories about our own struggles with infertility. Her passion for her work, as well as causes that are of importance to her, is evident. Her ability to be both personal and professional keeps you at ease through your photo session and helps her to create beautiful images that can be cherished for years to come."

"Her passion for her work as well as causes that are of importance to her is evident in her work. 

the mission

our give back

At Michelle Lindsay Photography, we believe family is everything and are fully committed to helping those struggling on their journey to parenthood. When you choose to work with us, you are giving someone else a chance to fulfill their dream to build a family. 1% of all Studio sales are donated to RESOLVE, The National Infertility Association. Their mission (and ours) is to help all people challenged in their family building journey to reach a resolution through empowerment of knowledge, community support, advocacy and inspiration.