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Leila and Kelley’s wedding was truly a storybook day, set on a beautiful summer’s afternoon in Santa Monica with a cool breeze blowing off the aqua waters.  Shutters on the Beach commands a spectacular view out onto the Santa Monica beach and the Pacific Ocean, with the Pier and the infamous ferris wheel jutting out of the panoramic view.  You can feel the energy from the Pier and the surrounding Muscle Beach, as skateboarders, gymnasts, body builders, kids with their parents and regular tourists all merge together in this one eclectic location.  Atop of the poolside balcony at Shutters, overlooking this landmark area, Leila and Kelley said their vows.

It was a emotional day, filled with a lot of tears and laughter and I felt so lucky to have been there for these two wonderful individuals who’s love for one another truly shines through in the way they simply look at one another.  I also was quite thankful to have my trusty travel partner in crime, the talented Ms. Astrid, there to help me capture this beautiful wedding day.  Thank you to her, and of course to Leila and Kelley for having us both there for their perfect wedding weekend!  We couldn’t be more happy for you two!


Ceremony, Reception and Catering: Shutters on the Beach   |   Event Coordination: Picture Perfect Events   |   Florist/Event Designer: White Lilac   |   Lighting/Decor: Luna Party Rentals   |   Cake: Vanilla Bake Shop   |   Stationary/Paper Products: Landids Gifts and Stationary   |   Hair and Make-Up: Nine Zero One Salon   |   Music/DJ: DJ Whyt Lion   |   Gown: Vera Want

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Airlie Center Summer Garden Wedding-25

Couples like Megan and Joe are a rare find.

It’s hard to describe, but there’s something about being in their presence that just makes you feel good.  It could be their whitty back and forth banter with one another, or Megan’s amazing and loud laugh (I myself have a very loud laugh so I always appreciate a girl who can really laugh loud…and hard) or their up for anything, “let’s go for it” attitude.  It might also be that Megan has a strange affinity for cows, which being from Wisconsin, I myself think is totally awesome.  Whatever it is though, I’ve loved every minute working with this extremely energentic couple, from their relaxing engagement session out at Lucketts and Hidden Creek Vineyards,  to their fun-filled, warm and sunny wedding day at the Airlie Center in Warrenton, Virginia.

 There were so many moments at this wedding that were remarkable and memorable.  From the way Joe couldn’t take his eyes off of Megan all day long (he kept saying to me, “Doesn’t she look AMAZING!!!”  And she did look pretty darn stunning in her Vera Wang gown and birdcage veil) to their emotional first dance, to the greatest cake fight possibly ever in the history of weddings…Joe might still be cleaning cake out from his ears today.  It was one of those weddings where you couldn’t stop smiling all day long…Congrats you two!

Ceremony and Reception/Catering: Airlie Center  |   Wedding Coordination: Kelley Cannon Events   |   Florist: Toulies en Fleur   |   Music: DJ D-Mac and Associates   |   Cake: Amphora Bakery  |  Stationary/Paper Products:  The Dandelion Patch  |  Hair: Amber Kennedy from Elements in McLean  |  Makeup: Dawn Newson  |  Gown:  Vera Wang  |   Shoes:  Jimmy Choo

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 Old Town Alexandria Engagement Session-9

Connor had to ask Laura out 3 times before she finally said yes.  Persistence pays off.

High School Sweethearts Laura + Connor have been together for almost 10 years now.  From the first awkward time Connor asked Laura out on a date during their junior year of high school, through a bi-coastal relationship during college that ended with both of them settling down in the DC area afterwards, this couple has navigated the distance and bumps in the road to create many years of memories.  In a lot of ways, they have grown up together.  With a taste for travel and a love for food, Laura and Connor are an adventurous couple who’s passion and love for both life and each other is very apparent when you are in their presence.  Creative and talented, Laura writes her own blog, Blogging Over Thyme and I love how Connor calls himself Laura’s “food tester.”  After so many years together, they truly are a team, in every way and I cannot wait for their wedding at Oxon Hill Manor next spring!

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Baltimore Aquarium Wedding-1

The first time the bride and groom see each other on the wedding day is always such a special, intimate moment. When the couple opts to do a first look, it’s always such an honor for us to get to witness (and of course capture) this once in a lifetime moment when the groom sees his bride for the very first time. Some couples cry. Some grooms are simply speechless. Some couples kiss and others just embrace as they just take it all in. Mary and Matt…while, they can always be counted on to do something outside the box. I must admit, watching Mary walk up behind Matt and give him a wet willie in the ear was definitely a first! I would have expected nothing less from this original couple.

The couple met back in 2006 at a work holiday party and feel in love through their mutual love for dancing, animals and music. Matt proposed on a vacation to Turks and Caicos…underwater while scuba diving! I can’t think of a better place for Mary and Matt to tie the knot than on the beautiful Baltimore Harbor outside of the Baltimore National Aquarium. The threatening skies held off all day while Mary and Matt laughed to the boisterous cries of “Congratulations” as a pirate party ship cruised on by. It was a day filled with a lot of love and even more laughter.

Ceremony and Reception: Baltimore National Aquarium  |  Event Coordination and Design: Elle Ellinghaus Designs    |    Florist: My Flower Box    |   Music:  Chesapeake Strings  |     Catering and Cake: Classic Catering       |     DJ: Justin Keys    |      Hair Stylist: Glam on the Go      |     Make-up: Emmey Makeup Artistry     |   Video:  MPA Weddings

Baltimore Aquarium Wedding-2


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Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-1

A story that begins with a stranger approaching another stranger on a train platform and ends with one of the craziest wedding nights of my life…

If one didn’t know Tammy and Dan and heard how they met, visions of a romantic exchange between star-crossed lovers on a metro platform might swirl in your head….in reality, Tammy saw Dan one day and after weeks of trying to figure out where she knew him from (as she says, “you don’t forget news anchor hair like that”), she marched straight up to him and said “You go to Harvard.”  Following him onto the train, she proceeded to talk his ear off for the whole entire train ride, whether Dan wanted her sitting next him or not.  The next week when Dan didn’t show up at the Metro station like he had all summer, Tammy assumed she had scared the man away.  Turns out he just had mono.

An unusual and unlikely friendship that grew and evolved for 3 years and eventually turned romantic culminated this spring at the Ritz Carlton in Washington DC with one of the craziest parties I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending! The band was rocking HARD and the crowd was partying even harder.  I mean, you know it’s a good night when the Father of the Bride gets up on stage and starts belting out “Shout!”

I kind of feel in love with this couple when they told me at their engagement session that they make up silly songs together.  I even had the distinct honor of hearing one of their original songs, sung through a fit of giggles.  These two, although quite opposite personalities, blend together absolutely perfectly.  Tammy loves to talk.  Dan loves to listen.  Tammy is a bold personality where as Dan sits quietly, calculating his thoughts and decisions.  When they are together, they find this perfect balance and I’m not quite sure I’ve ever seen two people so absolutely, insanely crazy about one another.


Ceremony and Reception: The Ritz Carlton Washington DC  |  Event Planning:  Rave Reviews  |   Florist:  DaVinci Florist  |   Rentals and Linens: Select Event Group   |   Hair: Debby Crivella – Salon Four  |  Make-up: Carl Ray  |  Video: Michael Brazda Films  | Band: Spectrum – Washington Talent Group



Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-2


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-3


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-4


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-5


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-6


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-7


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-8


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-9


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Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-20


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-21


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-22


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-23


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-24


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-25


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-26


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-27


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-28


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-29


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-30


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-31



Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-32



Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-33


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-34


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-35


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-36


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-37


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-38


Ritz Carlton Washington DC Wedding-39