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Henry is one of the luckiest babies in the whole wide world.


I first met his parents, Susan and Stefan, back in 2011 when I photographed their wedding at the beautiful Dumbarton House.  Sweet, kind, caring and funny individuals, every moment spent with this couple is enjoyable.   Getting to watch them take the next step as parents is amazing and wonderful.  They truly are what I would consider “natural parents” and it just seemed like old habit the way Susan rocked Henry to sleep and the weay Stefan cradled Henry in his arms.  I couldn’t be happier for this beautiful couple and their perfect and gorgeous baby boy.  Congrats!


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When you grow up with someone, watching them pass through major milestones in their lives is both rewarding and scary all at the same time.  It’s rewarding in the sense that you feel immense and utter happiness for them.  Scary in the sense that you can say “I knew you when…(details and stories to be omitted here because they are not appropriate for public sharing!) and I never dreamed I’d see the day you become a mom.”

Part of me will always see Julie as my college friend. I know as the years have gone by, we’ve both mellowed out quite a bit and over time, our priorities have changed, but to me, she’ll always be the life of the party – a feisty, curly-haired girl who never says no to another beer, will always plead to stay 10 more minutes and can always, ALWAYS put a smile on my face no matter how sad I may be.  Now I just get the amazing opportunity to see her in a new way too…as a Mom.

I’m so proud of you Julie! You and Will are going to be amazing parents. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to capture this special time in your lives at Barrel Oak Winery, a place that holds so much meaning for your family (and mine too). xoxo

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As January comes to a close, it’s time to wrap up our 2013 Best of series.  I want to take just a second to say thank you to everyone who made 2013 such a wonderfully fun and successful year.

First, to my clients – it’s true when I say that I couldn’t produce the images I do without the complete and utter trust that each and every one of you puts into my team on your wedding day.  You make our jobs fun and allow us to be creative.  Thank you!!

Second, to my associate photographers and assistants who do a lot of behind the scenes work, helping me schlep bags, set up lighting, hold reflectors, make me laugh when I’m so stressed out I feel like I might cry…without YOU, I would never make it through a wedding day.  And especially a huge thank you to Jovee who has been an amazing associate and overall wedding shenanigans sidekick…and who has a few images included in our Best of Series.  Jovee, you are a talented artist and I cannot thank you enough for your efforts and creative vision that you bring to the wedding day.

I’m excited to kick off the 2014 season in just a few short weeks as I get to travel to Napa to photograph a wedding with the talented Jacqui DePas.

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