5 Reasons We Love Spring & Summer Family Photos

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Mom, Dad, and Toddler boy next to a rose bush for their spring family photos

I know that fall is a popular time of year for photos, but the irony is that I actually prefer to to take photos in the spring/summer! I’ve been thinking about why that is. I’ve come up with a few reasons that I think are pretty good ones to do Spring and Summer Family Photos.

1. Spring and Summer Wardrobe Options

I just love the wardrobe options sooooo much more in Spring and Summer for family photos. The softer color palette compliments most home decor better. Whites, soft blues, soft pinks, and even subtle floral patterns are absolutely perfect and will fit into the overall feel of your home better than the deeper earth tones or primary colors of fall. If you’re curious, we have some recommended Spring and Summer Family Photo color palettes HERE!

Mom, dad, and baby girl in front of a pink flowering tree in the spring

2. Temperatures Are More Predictable for Photos

Weather is more predictable (and warmer) for family photos in the spring and summer. After later March, it’s normally fairly safe to assume that temperatures are going to be at least warm enough to do photos outside in the afternoon without a coat. Sometimes in the fall, we are blindsided by a VERY cold day, and that isn’t fun for anyone! And I’m really not a shoe person, which means bare feet or simple sandals for the win! Speaking of sandals, I think these sandals would be perfect for mom for family photos, and these sandals if you have a little girl that wants something similar to mom.

Two little boys playing on a fallen tree on the beach

3. Life is a Little Less Busy in the Spring and Summer

I know that Spring brings the end of school, sports, and all the accompanying events. But is there any time of year that feels crazier than the fall as we prep for the holidays?! Fitting in those family photos in the fall can be really tough and therefore more stressful.

Little girl plays with pink flowers while mom holds her during Spring family photos

4. Stand Out a Little with Spring and Summer Family Photos!

Since fall is the most popular time for family photos, taking yours in the Spring will be sure to make them stand out from the pack. 🙂 It can be really refreshing to look at someone’s holiday card and see greenery, flowers, and soft colors. At that time of year we are used to seeing a lot of bold primary colors and earth tones!

Family of five walks down cherry blossom tree lined lane in Leesburg, VA

5. More Life in Your Family Photos

There’s something really refreshing and poetic about looking at your family photos and seeing life in the trees, the grass, and maybe even flowers around you. These things that the Spring and Summer bring are so beautiful in photos! And, when we get to those cold fall and winter months where the trees are bare…you’ll see your photos hanging on your walls and be reminded of warmer times 😉

Family of six sits in tall grass with sun streaming in for family photos

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