What to wear for Fall Family Photos Loudoun

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So many of my clients ask what colors to wear for fall family photos here in Loudoun County. I’m always so glad to add my two cents! It’s important that you love the clothes your family is in for your photos and that they compliment your surroundings well.

The best options totally depend on your taste and personal opinions. You want to make sure the colors you choose compliment everyone’s skin tones and the overall look and feel of your home (since you’ll want to print these photos!), but here are just a few suggestions of some color palettes I’m loving lately for fall family photos this year!

Earthy & Warm

Earthy color palette for fall family photo loudoun county virginia

This is a classic and safe fall color palette. It will work in almost any setting and you’ll find pieces in this color scheme fairly easily!

  • Earthy & Warm tones would look great in a quaint downtown area, with trees showing off their fall colors, or even a waterfront location.
  • By using a variety of colors, you don’t have too much focus on one specific color.

Pro tip: Put one parent primarily in a more neutral tone and one parent in a color, then you can also add some color for the kiddos!

This rust colored maxi dress would be a perfect choice for mom for this color palette!

Sophisticated Neutrals

Neutral color palette for fall family photo in Morven Park Leesburg Virginia

If you’re more inclined towards neutrals or picking out complimenting colors sounds like too much stress, there’s nothing wrong with going for some sophisticated neutrals!

  • You can take a little more liberty with patterns and textures when everyone is in neutrals
  • Neutrals are suitable for literally any backdrop!
  • These photos will feel very timeless

Pro tip: Careful not to have the majority of everyone’s outfits be dark. Add in some tasteful light neutrals to keep the variety in your fall family photos!

Afternoon Sun Yellows

Yellow color palette for fall photos at Morven Park Loudoun County Virginia

I love when clients go for a strong pop of yellow! Yellow will feel like a timeless choice and goes with really any season, so will look lovely on the walls of your home all year round.

  • Yellow pops well against a variety of backdrops- trees with fall leaves or green leaves or more neutral backdrops.
  • Adds a lovely vibrance to your photos

Pro tip: For fall family photos, go for a deeper, warmer yellow (think golden!) and avoid a cooler or more summery yellow.

Subtle Blues & Golds

subtle blue and gold color palette for fall family photo loudoun

I would call soft blue and gold tones old faithful. They work for most skin tones and in most scenarios!

  • Soft Blues and Golds look lovely with fall scenery
  • If your home features a lot of neutral tones (think off white, gray, etc), the tones in your family photos will pop well on the walls!

Pro tip: Having one parent wear a pattern gives you something to pull other tones or colors from and grounds the whole family’s look!

Here’s a lovely option for a soft blue dress for mom.

A Pop of Coral

bright and bold color palette

There’s absolutely no rule that says you can’t go for a bright color in the fall. Coral is a great color that you can really use all year round. It adds extra interest to your photos!

  • Coral will look nice in a variety of settings. Especially waterfront!
  • Be sure to keep the rest of the family in soft, warmer neutrals

Pro tip: When adding a bold, bright pop of color, stick to only having one print in addition and keep the primary parts of the other outfits neutral.

Choose Colors for your Fall Family Photos that Feel Like You!

Whatever fall family photo color palettes you end up gravitating towards, just be sure that you feel comfortable and confident! And always feel free to run your ideas by your photographer. Because they look at colors together all the time, they’ll have good ideas about what will look good!

In case you’re an over-achiever and already planning ahead for spring photos, here are some of our favorite spring color palettes.

Still need to reserve your fall family photos Loudoun county this year?

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