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It’s hard to believe that it’s already time to put up the holiday decorations and put up the 2018 calendars, but here we are! We partnered up with Ashby Mae Children’s Boutique in Leesburg, VA, to make one thing on your checklist a little bit easier this year- capturing some great holiday photos of your kids. We can’t promise that Big Bro and Little Sis will get along all through the holiday break, but we can promise that if you follow these fashion tips from Ashby Mae Boutique, they’ll at least be styling for those holiday pictures you’ll look back on for years to come.

That brings us to our first tip for some classic styles that you won’t look back on and say “What were we thinking?,” which are dresses that are twirl approved, corduroy jumpers, big bows, button downs, and saddle shoes with knee socks. These are some classic pieces that will never fall out of trend in your kid’s wardrobe.

Our second tip that we received from co-founder Kristine of Ashby Mae Boutique was for patterns that photograph nicely and are versatile for fall and winter. She recommends sticking to plaids, florals, and autumn jewel tones. These patterns can even be worn into the Spring season to continue a trend and since they are unlikely to go out of style, they are a classic and timeless choice.  So if Big Sis outgrows her holiday dress, Little Sis can certainly wear that dress for portraits to come!

When more than one comes into play, mix and matching can often be a style quest to find the right outfits. Adding monograms to differentiate each child and adding pops of color to one outfit while keeping the other one more neutral can be a great way to make sure siblings aren’t dressed to similarly but also don’t clash. Color also comes into a big role for mixing and matching. Ashby Mae Boutique said their favorite color palette for the holidays this year are reds, navy, gold, ivory, and hunter greens.

The holiday season can be stressful at times, but you can’t enjoy it without a little fun, right? Sometimes a point of happiness, especially with outfits, can turn into a compromise between the parent and the kid. So we searched for some outfits that kids will love and parents will adore for the holidays. Tutus that sparkle and fun patterns like the trending fox, or other animals, are bound to look adorable on your little ones and will keep a smile on their face.

Also, with colder weather comes piles of leaves, rain, and snow. This can make keeping your kids’ clothes nice and comfy a challenge. Ashby Mae Boutique suggested their outdoor inspired line, Prodoh, as a great way to keep your children warm and dry without compromising fashion. This line offers beautiful plaids and gingham shirts in a variety of colors.

These are just a few of Ashby Mae Boutique’s professional fashion tips to keep your kids styling and to create awesome holiday photos that will turn into precious memories for year after year. Ashby Mae is a family owned business in downtown, historic Leesburg. Be sure to stop by their Boutique at 5 Loudoun St SW, Leesburg, VA 20175 to pick out some great outfits for your little ones for the holidays and say hi to co-founders Debbie and Kristine!


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