Tips on Makeup for Maternity Or Newborn Photos

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Expectant mother draped in white tulle in front of all black background in dramatic lighting

For your maternity or newborn photos, it is important to get your makeup look right in camera. Imagine if you hate your lip color or feel your hair is too flat? These are issues that need to be addressed BEFORE you get in front of the camera so that you can be sure you’ll love your photos. My first recommendation is simply to have a professional do your makeup! 

Professional Makeup for Your Photos

Professional make-up artists know how to accent your best features…and hide those you don’t like. Working with a professional makeup artist for your maternity or newborn photos ensures you have one less thing to worry about the morning of your session, and ensures you can arrive more relaxed. This is important to the session experience and ultimately, the photographs themselves.  You are investing in these photographs, and you can protect that investment by ensuring you will look and feel your absolute best. And last but certainly not least…Treat yo’self! Why not plan a fun date night afterwards?

Alt text mom in soft glam makeup holds newborn in photo studio in Leesburg

A Few DIY Tips

If you decide to DIY, here are some tips from our in house stylist to help you get your best camera ready look on your own!

  1. Prime first. Primer fills in pores and gives a smooth surface for your foundation to stick to. It’s the key to having your makeup stay all day and not slide off or get patchy. Moisturize, prime, apply your eye makeup, clean up any eyeshadow fallout with the primer again, and then apply your foundation and concealer.
  2. Use a concealer that works with your skin tone. If you’re lighter skin-toned and have red or purple under eyes, use a yellow concealer. A salmon/peach concealer is the answer for those with darker skin and brown or blue circles. Use a small amount of a well pigmented product and set lightly with a powder to prevent creasing.
  3. Use a setting powder for flawless makeup finish. After applying your foundation, be sure to set it with a setting powder before applying your blush. It creates a barrier between your skin’s oils and the blush and makes your skin smoother for a more even and blend-able blush application.
  4. Say yes to falsies. False lashes come in all shapes and sizes. There are many natural looking ones out there that can give you definition and volume without a ton of length. They are a quick way to elevate a softer, everyday look!
  5. Hydrate. Tired looking eyes? Dry skin? Drinking your LOTS of water each day, and getting a good night’s rest (especially the night before your photos) does more than you think.
a mom with professional makeup poses with baby for newborn photos

Pro Makeup Favorites

Here are a few pro recommended favorite products to help you have a flawless makeup look for your maternity and newborn photo session! 

Eve Pearl’s Concealer
IT cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye
Japonesque Go Curle Eyelash Curler

A glamour maternity photo with mom surrounded in pale blue tulle laying on the ground with hand on her belly

Loving your makeup look for before you start taking maternity or newborn photos is crucial to loving your pictures. Be sure to invest in yourself as well as the photographs themselves! Confidence will not only shine through in your portraits, but it will make the experience less stressful and more enjoyable overall. If you’re planning a shoot and could use some inspiration, check out our favorite newborn color palettes here, or tips for dressing postpartum here.

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