Choosing a Photographer For Your Family Milestone Portraits

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Not all photographers are created equal. That’s why selecting the photographer that works best for your family milestone portraits is a big decision! By making the right choice early on, you can have consistent and complementary portraits for all of your family’s milestones as your children grow.

Milestones for 3 Children

The sweet family featured here have been clients of mine since their first child was a newborn. They now have 3 little ones, and we have photos of each milestone along the way. It’s so special to me to watch their family and their children grow. And how cool is it that they have photos of each one of their babies that match!

a family of 5 for milestone family portraits with a big sister, newborn held by dad, and toddler boy held by mom

Here are some things to consider when choosing a photographer who can grow with your family.

Who Do They Take Portraits Of?

Do you want a photographer who just specializes in babies, or someone who photographs and has experience with kids as well to photograph them as they grow? If you are someone who wants regular family portraits to document the years, hiring a photographer who will include older siblings in newborn photos means you can document the entire family when new babies are born.

newborn laying next to big sister on white blanket
portrait by Leesburg Photographer of toddler boy leans into frame while big sister cradles newborn baby and kisses toddler for newborn milestone

Where Do They Take Milestone Portraits?

Do they have a studio space that will accommodate your newborn and your older kids? Are they willing to shoot on location, like at your home? This is something you’ll want to consider when choosing the photographer that’s right for you. This family has done all 3 newborn portrait sessions in my studio in Leesburg, which is how we got such consistent photographs for all three babies!

As a side note, aren’t the bows on these girls so cute? I love this company that makes matching bows for baby and big sister!

What is Their Photography and Editing Style?

Do they shoot more candids or posed shots? A mixture of the two? Do their photos have a more traditional and timeless look, or are they more modern? Can you envision hanging these portraits in your home and having them as generational keepsakes?

Grandparents hug and kiss newborn baby

What is The Photographer’s Price Point?

If you’re looking for the consistency of having one photographer document all of your family’s biggest moments and milestones, are you comfortable investing a little more? Remember: these memories only happen once, and you can never get them back. No pressure, right?!

So be sure to do your research, ask the important questions, and think carefully before making the big decision about which photographer will document your family’s milestones.

Mom and dad cradle newborn baby for milestone portrait
Mom holds newborn and dad holds toddler kissing mom
Family milestone portrait with 3 children, mom and dad, and grandparents by Leesburg Photographer

It’s never too soon to start researching the best photographer for your family milestone portraits. If you’re looking for more information on starting with a newborn photographer, I have some tips here!

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