Tips for Including a Sibling in Newborn Photos

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Adding a newborn to your home is such a sweet time. When you schedule your newborn photos, you’ll want to consider working in older siblings as well! These images of your children together will be ones that you’ll treasure forever. 

Here are a few top tips for including siblings in newborn photos.

[Dad kisses his toddler aged daughter on the forehead while holding a newborn swaddled and asleep]

Have the Photos Taken In a Studio

There are so many great reasons to do an in studio newborn session…there’s No pressure to clean and tidy your home- the last thing you want to do with a newborn. You’ll have curated scenes that are simple and put all the focus on you and baby. And as far as your older kids go, a change of scenery can be really good for them!

I find that when I have toddler to early elementary school aged kids in front of the camera, it’s easier to keep them focused and attentive when we are at my studio versus when they are in their own home. At home, they have access to all the toys, snacks, etc. But in the studio, they will be more focused on what they are there to do, which is pose for some photos with their new baby brother or sister!

Schedule Around Their Nap Time

Easier said than done, I know… but as much as possible, try to schedule your session at a time that works with their nap schedule. If you know your little one tends to be happiest right after a nap, take that into consideration! Starting the session with a rested and happy kid definitely makes a difference.

[Black and white photo of a toddler older sibling snuggling with her newborn twin siblings]

Let Them Have Their Own Moment in the Spotlight

While a lot of the session will be focused on baby, we want to make sure we let your big kid(s) have some special photos too! Doing some with just them and mom or dad, and just them and their baby sibling will make them feel really special and that they’re an important part of these photos.

[Black and white photo of  mom and her daughter with their faces together smiling)

Not Above Bribery for the Older Sibling

If that means a little bit of bribery, so be it. Bring along activities that your toddler will sit still for. A book, music, a tablet, whatever it takes! From there, just take a deep breath and let go a little bit. I highly recommend bringing a neutral toy that will look nice in the photos, like this Wooden Camera Toy. Another great off camera option are these Clip On Stuffed Animals, which can be clipped on their tablet or somewhere else off camera to draw their attention.

Toddler sibling plays with wooden cart in a photo studio during newborn photos with a white curtain behind him

Set Realistic Expectations for Your Photos

Let’s face it…toddlers and babies don’t always mix! When it comes to taking photos of newborns with siblings, my advice is this: It’s okay to embrace the chaos. In fact, I encourage it! Remember, all you need is 1/125th of a second to get a good shot, so chances are you’ll catch plenty of “perfect” moments.

Young girl holds her newborn sister while their toddler sibling looks down at them for photos

If you’re looking for more information on booking newborn photos, we have a whole blog post about it here!

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